The Global University Alliance Regions

To manage the size and better network across universities, lecturers and researchers, we have a regional contact person. It is the aim that this regional representation and contact person, can provide a local and international platform where universities and thought leaders can interact to conduct research, comparison and explore leading practices, best practices as well as to develop missing practices.

Title Name Region
Professor Mark von Rosing Nordics (Scandinavia)
Professor Simon Polovina UK and Ireland
Professor Hans Scheruhn Germany
Professor David Coloma Guerrero Spain/Portugal/South America
Professor Wim Laurier Benelux and France
Professor Marlon Dumas Baltic (Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia)
Professor Maxim Arzumanyan Russia
Professor Venky Shankararaman Asia
Professor Asif Gill Australia

The Global University Alliance Board

The Global University Alliance is guided by the board and by an external advisory board consisting of representatives from industry focus groups, leading corporations, governments, and professional organizations. In order to administer the more than 400 universities, professors, lecturers/and or researchers of the Global University Alliance, we have a voted board that consist of the following members:

Name Organization Position
Professor Mark von Rosing Global University Alliance Board Chairman and Head of Research
Professor Simon Polovina Global University Alliance Board Co- Chairman Head of Enterprise Semantics research and development
John A. Zachman Global University Alliance Board member Head of Enterprise Architecture research and development
Professor A. W. Scheer Global University Alliance Board member Head of Business Process research and development
Professor Wim Laurier Global University Alliance Board member Head of Enterprise Ontology research and development
Professor Hans Scheruhn Global University Alliance Board member Head of Information Management research and development
Professor Maxim Arzumanyan Global University Alliance Board member Head of Enterprise Engineering research and development

The tasks of the Global University Alliance Board are the following:

  • We administer our Global University Alliance work in coordinating:
    • regional GUA groups
    • publications
    • funding requests/proposals
    • outside communication
    • meetings
    • conferences
    • research
    • development
  • We ensure tight cooperation and collaboration with the LEADing Practice community.

The following are involved as NATO coordinators:

Name Organization Position
Johan Goossens NATO Allied Command Transformation Branch Head of Technology & Human Factors
Krzysztof Skurzak NATO C3 Architecture & Design
Peter Woudsma NATO C3 Technology Innovation

NATO’s Tidepedia platform has begun supporting a new collaborative project that is part of the larger initiative that ACT undertook with LEADing Practice under the Framework for Collaborative Innovation (FFCI). For more information see FFCI Collaboration with LEADing Practice.

You can read more about the EA Research and Analysis Project with LEADing Practice by following the link to the Tidepedia platform.